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Progress of Research on the Effect of Sulfur on Cadmium Uptake and Accumulation by Plants and Its Mechanism

Liying YANG(), Mengya TAI, Yeyu ZHAI, Zicheng XU, Wuxing HUANG()   

  1. College of Tobacco,Henan Agricultural University,Zhengzhou 450002,China
  • Received:2022-07-11 Accepted:2022-09-03 Online:2023-08-20 Published:2023-09-07
  • Contact: Wuxing HUANG


杨丽莹(), 邰孟雅, 翟夜雨, 许自成, 黄五星()   

  1. 河南农业大学烟草学院,郑州 450002
  • 通讯作者: 黄五星
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Cadmium is classified as a hazardous substance of global significance by the United Nations Environment Programme, and soil cadmium pollution seriously threatens plant growth and endangers human health. Exogenous sulfur affects the uptake and accumulation of cadmium by plants, but the effect of different forms and content of sulfur on the uptake and accumulation of cadmium by different plants varies greatly. Therefore, the effects of different forms and content of sulfur on the uptake and accumulation of cadmium by crops (Oryza sativa, Triticum aestivum, Brassica chinensis, Amaranshus mangostanus, Nicotiana tabacum) and Cd-hyperaccumulation plants (Sedum plumbizincicola, Solanum nigrum) were reviewed. Subsequently, the possible mechanisms of action were summarized in terms of the effectiveness of soil Cd (sulfur affects soil pH and cadmium adsorption), the uptake of Cd by plant roots (sulfur affects the transcription levels of metal transporters, and the formation of root hair and iron plaque) and the distribution and accumulation of Cd in plants (sulfur affects root cell wall adsorption and vacuolar compartment). Finally, strategies for sulfur application to reduce crops and increase hyperaccumulation plants Cd uptake and accumulation were explored. The result provided a theoretical basis for improving crop safety and remediating soil cadmium contamination.

Key words: cadmium, sulfur, uptake, accumulation, crops, hypertolerant plants



关键词: 镉, 硫, 吸收, 积累, 农作物, 镉富集植物

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