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    Reference Gene Selection in Plant Real-time Quantitative Reverse Transcription PCR (qRT-PCR)
    HU Rui-bo, FAN Cheng-ming, FU Yong-fu
       2009, 11 (6): 30-36.  
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    Real-time quantitative RT-PCR (qRT-PCR) technology, with quantitative accuracy, high sensitivity and high-throughput characteristics, has been widely used in gene expression analysis. Based on the relative quantitative analysis, qRT-PCR data must be normalized with one or more proper and stable internal reference genes. House-keeping genes are customarily used as endogenous references for relative quantification. But not a single gene can act as a universal reference reported so far. Most of the traditional housekeeping genes are unable to ensure accurate normalization in qRT-PCR. Based on the tremendous gene-chip expression data and public deposited EST data, new reference genes with superior stability were selected and verified with qRT-PCR. The research progress of reference genes in plant qRT-PCR was reviewed and aspects to be considered in future reference gene selection were also discussed.

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    Preliminary Review of Effect on Cotton Production |in China Since Joined into WTO
    ZHANG Mo-xi, MAO Shu-chun
       2005, 7 (3): 52-55.  
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    Since China took part in WTO in November in 2001, the use of cotton increased more than 900 thousand ton per year by the average, the scale of production widened, the total yield enhanced, the price of cotton met the international level with a strong rise and fall, the main product value of cotton and the income of cotton peasanfs both increased for two years and decreased for one year with a big fluctuation range. The importation amount of raw cotton enormously increased with a net import of 2.6 million ton, which made a strong strike on the homemade raw cotton. In the past three years, the total sum of importation of raw cotton, cotton yam and cotton woven fabric were 14,013 million dollars, it was smaller than the total sum of exportation, which was 18,474 million dollars, that means there was a favorable trade balance of 4,234 million dollars. In the chain of cotton industry, there were 4,097 million dollars deficit of raw cotton, 399 million dollars deficit of cotton yarn, and 8,930 million dollars surplus of cotton woven fabric. All these revealed that cotton woven fabric was the most favored one in the chain of cotton industry, cotton yam was the second one, and raw cotton was the least one or the most one suffered from strike. There was nonequilibrium profit in these sub-industries.

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    Transferring Glyphosate-tolerant mG2-epsps Gene into Maize |Inbred Line via Pollen-tube Pathway
    WANG Xiu-jun, LANG Zhi-hong| LU Wei, LIN Min| SHAN An-shan, HUANG Da-fang
       2008, 10 (4): 56-62.  
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    A plant expression vector pUmG2 harboring the glyphosate-tolerant mG2-epsps gene was constructed and transferred into the maize inbred line X90 by pollen-tube pathway. Among the 1 542 transformed plants of TO generation, 32 glyphosate-tolerant plants were survived after sprayed with 0.25% glyphosate, and 29 of them were con- firmed positive plants by PCR analysis. The average transformation rate was 1.88%. Southern blot and Western blot showed that the rnG2-epsps gene had been introduced into maize genome and expressed correctly.

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    Formation Mechanism and Control Measures of Continuous Cropping Obstacles in Medicinal Plants
    ZHANG Zi-long, WANG Wen-quan
       2009, 11 (6): 19-23.  
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    In view of the common and serious situation of continuous cropping obstacles in medicine production, this paper expounded the specific expression of continuous cropping obstacles in medicinal plants; overviewed the recent progress on formation mechanism of continuous cropping obstacles in medicinal plants from three aspects, i.e.  change of soil physical and chemical properties, deterioration of soil biological environment and plant self-allelopathy; and summarized ways to prevent the continuous cropping obstacles in medicinal plants, including rational rotation, soil sterilization, supplementation of nutrient elements or beneficial microorganism and application of comprehensive measures, etc. The paper also discussed hot issues related with continuous cropping obstacles, so as to provide references for further studies.

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    Research Progress on Cytoplasmic Male Sterility and Fertility Restoration in Gossypium hirsutum L.
    HOU Si-yu, ZHANG Rui, ZHANG Xiao, GUO San-dui
       2010, 12 (1): 1-7.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1008-0864.2010.
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    Cytoplasmtic male sterile (CMS) has plays an important role in heterosis usage in cotton. CMS and utilization of fertility restorer system have made a breakthrough in conquering breeding bottleneck by artificial emasculation and unfolded a bright outlook for promoting commercial production of hybrid seed. This paper expounds the research and utilization of cytoplasmic male sterility and fertility genetics; the development of molecular markers linked with CMS-related mitochondrial genes and fertility restoring gene; fine mapping of fertility restoring genes and cloning of fertility-related genes. The paper also points out existing problems and prospected researched direction in the future.

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    Over-expression of AT-hook Gene AHL27 Can Delay the Flowering of Arabidopsis
    XIAO Chao-wen,CHEN Fu-lu,FU Yong-fu
       2009, 11 (4): 89-94.  
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    There are 29 AHL proteins (AT-hook motif nuclear localized proteins) in Arabidopsis, but the functions of their mojorities remain unknown. The AHL27 protein, reported in this study, contains an AT-hook motif and a PPC domain. The analysis of mRNA expression in different tissue organs and GUS histochemical staining showed that AHL27 was mainly expressed in roots and flowers. The sub-cellular localization of GFP-AHL27 indicated that AHL27 was a nuclear protein. AHL27 over-expression could inhibit the expression of flowering gene FT and promote the FLC expression, therefore, delay the Arabidopsis flowering time both under long daylight and short daylight conditions. Our data suggested that AHL27 could play a very important role in Arabidopsis growth and development.

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    Breeding Reports of New Soybean Variety Mengdou 30
    ZHANG Wan-hai, SUN Bing-cheng, HU Xing-guo, ZHANG Qi, CHAI Shen
       2009, 11 (S2): 133-134.  
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    New soybean variety Mengdou 30 was bred by HunLunbeier institute of agricultural sciences in 1997. It was bred through pedigree method, its female parent is Mengdou 16 and male parent is 89-9.

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    Maize Germplasm Pedigree ——|the Division and Discussion of Wu 105 |and Yuanwu 02 Group
    ZHANG Xue-xin, WANG Jun-bang, XU Shu-xing, WANG Chun-yu, DENG Yong-lin, WANG Min
       2009, 11 (S2): 50-55.  
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    Based on a wide range of germplasm collection, accumulation and organization research on maize inbred lines from 1957 to 2004, Wu 105 and Yuanwu 02 group were classified into the second category of ten populations of maize pedigree. Wu 105 was successfuliy applied in top-cross and double cross hybrids, three-way cross, early-maturing single cross hybrids, subsequently bred Shaanxi 1, Huangbai 1, Shaandan 7 and so on. Later,  Wu 105 gave rise to the Wu 109, Tian 4 and other improvement inbred lines, making up some major promotion hybrids such as Shandanhao, Hudanhao, etc.  Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences bred Yuanwu 02 by radiation treatment, then bred follow-up derived lines such as Yuanqihao, Luyuan 133, Luyuan 92, forming a new derivative branches, to be widely used in our country. The inbred lines derived from the follow-up  new and improved varieties occupied a large proportion in Jiangsu province, and also be applied in Jilin Tonghua and Fujian.  Wu 105 germplasm expansioned from west to east, from south to north, enriched maize germplasm gene pool of our country.

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    Trends and Strategies for Development of Crop Seed Industry in China
    Xinhai LI, Ming LU, Jun ZHENG, Xiaofeng GU, Lijuan QIU, Yu LI, Youzhi MA, Jianmin WAN
    Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology    2022, 24 (12): 1-7.   DOI: 10.13304/j.nykjdb.2022.1101
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    Seed industry is a strategic and basic industry, and clarifying the development path of China’s crop seed industry is very important to enhance the competitiveness of national agriculture. This paper analyzed the development trend of the international crop seed industry, assessed the opportunities and challenges faced by the development of China’s crop seed industry, and proposed the innovative development strategies of China’s crop seed industry in the new era. Our study reckoned that the new round of scientific and technological revolution characterized by “biotechnology and informatization” had promoted the comprehensive upgrading of the crop seed industry, biotechnology productions had become an important growth point for the development of the seed industry, and multinational seed enterprises had accelerated their occupation of the global seed market. Global scientific and technological innovation and China’s economic transformation and development have brought new opportunities for the development of China’s crop seed industry. Currently,China has basically established a scientific and technological innovation system for crop seed, and seed enterprises have continued to grow, but still facing some challenges such as insufficient original innovation in key science and technology, imperfect seed industry innovation system. Our study suggested that China’s crop seed industry should further strengthen the effective cohesion in the innovation chain and build a deep integration system of production, education and research in the new era, and consolidate the original foundation of seed science and technology, produce high-value intellectual property rights such as key technologies and elite new varieties, as well as cultivate innovative enterprises, improve policy mechanisms and business environment, and promote the high-quality development of the crop seed industry.

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    Review of China Agricultural Science and Technology
    Tu De-yu, Dong Hong-min, Ding Wei-min, Shang Bin
       2007, 9 (1): 59-63.  
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    The proximate, chemical components and ultimate analyses on swine, cattle, chicken and goat manure were conduded to demonstrate the feasibility of energy utilization by thermo-chemJcal technologies. The experimental results state that animal wastes is a type of biomass with comparable content of volatile matter and heat value with some agricultural residues such as corn stalks and rice straws and is adaptable to thermo-chemical managements. The energy balance analyses of air gasification of four kinds of manure were carried out and got the energy conversion efficiency about 50%. By analyzing the net energy production, the arlicle drew the conclusion that thermo-chemical conversion technology is quite effective in energy production in the condition that flesh manure could be dried by weather or composting processes. Animal manure utilization by thermo-chemical conversion technology has environmenta l and economical benefits.

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    Advances in Repair Mechanism of |DNA Double-strand Break Damage in Plant
    ZHU Cai-xia1,2, GU Jia-yu1, SHAO Qun2, WANG Jing1, LIU Lu-xiang1
       2010, 12 (5): 17-23.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1008-0864.2010.05.04
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    The DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) is one of the most serious form of DNA damage. Non-homologous end-joining (NHEJ) is the major pathway to repair DNA double-strand break damages in both higher plants and animals. The NHEJ pathway does not rely on DNA homology, while the number of such repair factors as Ku protein heterodimer, DNA-PKcs, XRCC4 and ligaseⅣ, will be directly joined the end to repair. The research progresses in major repair pathway and key genes involving in DNA double-strand break damages in plant are summarized. The existing problems and perspectives in this field are also discussed.

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    Genome-wide Comparative Phylogenetic Analysis of mrs2 |Gene Family in Arabidospsis and Rice
    XU Hua, YANG Ze-feng, GU Shi-liang
       2007, 9 (6): 56-63.  
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    mrs2 (mitochondrial RNA splicing 2) genes were discovered as a suppressor of splicing defects in mitochondria. They have been shown to be a transporter for the movement of Mg^2+ in plants. This study collected the mrs2 genes that were isolated in plants and obtained their MRS2 domains. We identifieed the mrs2 genes in Arabidopsis and rice. A phylogenetic tree was constructed based on the Mrs2 proteins. Analyses of the conserved sequences of these pro- teins were conducted; and finally the expression information of these genes was searched. The results are as follows: ( 1 ) The phylogenetic analysis indicated that the feature of this family might have been in existence before the split of Arabidopsis and rice, and species-specific expansion might have contributed to this family after the split of Arabidopsis and rice. (2) MEME analysis indicated that the motifs in the Mrs2 protein were higghly conservative, and the order of these motifs in the proteins was quite similar. ( 3 ) The expressions of the mrs2 genes in Arabidopsis and rice weere different, but still keep consistency in some expressions.

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       2001, 3 (3): 6-9.  
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    Segregation Distortion Analysis of Molecular Markers in RIL Population of Brassica napus
    DING Guang-da1,2, YANG Mei1,2, LI Xing-mei3, SHI Lei1,2, XU Fang-sen1,2
       2012, 14 (2): 56-61.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1008-0864.2012.02.09.
    Abstract1359)      PDF (471KB)(947)       Save

    A genetic linkage map comprising 733 molecular markers of Brassica napus was constructed using F10 population consisting of 124 recombinant inbred lines derived from a cross between P-inefficient cv. B104-2 and P-efficient cv. Eyouchangjia. Segregation distortion analysis was performed among the 733 polymorphic markers. The result indicated that 218 markers (29.7%) showed significant segregation distortion(P<0.05), favoring either the marker alleles of female parent B104-2 (136,62.4%) or male parent Eyouchangjia (82,37.6%). Totally, 24 segregation distortion regions (SDRs) were detected among 13 different chromosomes. Based on this result, the phenomenon and causes for the segregation distortion were analyzed and discussed in this paper.

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    Intelligent Agriculture (IA): Looking Forward to Progress of Chinese Agricultural Science and Technology in 12th Five-Year Plan Period
    CHEN Yi-fei
       2010, 12 (6): 1-4.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1008-0864.2010.06.01
    Abstract1346)      PDF (432KB)(2291)       Save

    Based on agricultural science and technology progress achieved in Chinese agricultural expert system、computer agriculture and precision agriculture, this paper focuses on the discussion about how to structure intelligent agriculture (IA). It also summarizes the present status of agricultural science and technology in China. According to the intelligent sci-tech progress and urgent need for modern high science and technology in agriculture, for really reducing human participation in agriculture and maximizing economic benefit of the whole agriculture production, this paper introduces the control theory for large system of closed loop. Finally, it puts forward the viewpoint of establishing a large IA system; expounds the connotation and systematic construction of IA; and the anticipative benefit of developing IA.

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    Research Progress on DNA Repair Mechanisms of Deinococcus Radiodurans
    HUANG Li-fen, LU Hui-ming| HUA Xiao-ting| HUA Yue-jin
       2007, 9 (4): 49-54.  
    Abstract1346)      PDF (398KB)(1444)       Save

    Deinococcus radiodurans, as a model organism in DNA damage and repair, is the most resistant bacterium to ionizing radiation. In this paper, recent research progresses on DNA repair mechanism, including the structure characteristic, molecular defense mechanism, important repair genes, genomics, and proteomics of D. radiodurans are summarized. Further research based on alternative genetic and biochemical approaches should help to gain a better understanding of the special mechanism involved in DNA repair.

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    Cloning, Expression and Characterization of a Xylanase Gene, xynBS9, from Streptomyces sp. S9
    YAO Guo-yu, LI Ning, SHI Peng-jun, CHEN Qiang, YAO Bin
       2009, 11 (4): 64-70.  
    Abstract1335)      PDF (623KB)(914)       Save

    The gene xynBS9 encoding β-l, 4-xylanase was cloned from Streptomyces sp.S9 by designing degenerate primers and screening from a genomic library of Streptomyces sp. S9. The xynBS9 gene was 1 023 bp in length and encoded by a protein with 340 amino acids. The xynBS9 gene without signal peptide was inserted into the expression vector of pET-22b (+) and transformed into Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3) to express. The recombinant protein was purified by ammonium sulfate precipitant and hydrophobic interaction chromatography.Characteristic analysis indicated that the optimum temperature and pH value for the recombined xylanase were 60℃ and 6.5, respectively, and XynBS9 showed an extreme stability under alkaline condition.

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    Research Progress on Molecular Marker and Functional Genomic of Foxtail Millet, Setaria italica Beauv.
    LI Zhi-jiang, DIAO Xian-min
       2009, 11 (4): 16-22.  
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    Recently, great progress has been made on the development of SSR markers, EST data base, construction of mapping populations and QTL analysis of foxtail millet, Setaria italica Beauv.. The foxtail millet genomic sequence, which will be completed soon, shall accelerate the advance of foxtail millet genomic study and improve its academic level. This paper briefly reviewed the progress on foxtail millet genomic study, suggested that the main task ahead is to establish a data basis for molecular markers and an efficient platform for heterogenous gene transformation. It also  prospected the development for foxtail millet genomic research.

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    Cloning and Protoplast Transient Expression |of BnFAD2 Promoter in Brassica napus
    WANG Mao-hua, LIU Mian-xue, LI De-kuan, YANG Yi, LI Xu-feng
       2009, 11 (5): 96-101.  
    Abstract1322)      PDF (531KB)(852)       Save

    Fatty acid desaturase 2 (FAD2), which is widely present in plants, can transform oleic acid to linoleic acid in plants.  Designing primers based on GenBank BnFAD2 sequence, using Brassica napus leaf total DNA as template, we obtained 1.4 kb fragment by TAIL-PCR. Sequence analysis indicated that the fragment was upstream sequence of BnFAD2. Fragments with different 5′ end lack were inserted, substituting CaMV35S promoter, into pBI221-LUC. Analysis on Brassica napus protoplast transient expression  suggested that the region between -669 bp and -1019 bp of FAD2 upstream sequence was important for FAD2 transcription. Considering the cis regulation elements prediction result of FAD2 upstream sequence, the putative gibberellin -response element, light-response elements and other cis regulation elements contained in FAD2 promoter are important in FAD2 gene expression and regulation.

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    Research Progress on Rice Ragged Stunt Virus (RRSV)
    ZHENG Lu-ping, XIE Li-yan| LIAN Ling-li| XIE Lian-hui
       2008, 10 (5): 8-12.  
    Abstract1315)      PDF (357KB)(1723)       Save

    Rice ragged stunt virus (RRSV) is a member of genus Oryzavirus in family Reoviridae. Rice ragged stunt disease caused by RRSV is a serious rice disease in some countries of Southeast Asia, East Asia and South Asia. The occurrence of this disease seriously affects the local rice production. Recent research on RRSV biology and molecular biology were reviewed, and control measures for this disease were proposed.

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    Study on Calculation and Application of the Integrated Productive Capacity of Cultivated Land |——A Case Study of Bazhou City
    LIU Yu, MEN Ming-xin, XU Hao, LIU Shu-qing
       2008, 10 (1): 87-92.  
    Abstract1312)      PDF (293KB)(1197)       Save

    The results of cultivated land classification provide a new approach to calculate the integrated productive capacity of cultivated land. Based on the database of cultivated land classification in Bazhou city, in order to evaluate the productive capacity of cultivated land at different levels and to make clear the distribution of the productive capacity, this paper builds up a system for calculating the productive capacity of cultivated land, including natural production potential, accessible production potential, current productivity and actual crop production, and then provides relevant calculation models. Then key protected land regions and priority settlement land regions are divided by applying the results of these calculation modles. A quantitative analysis on comprehensive priorities of various arable lands in each village and town was conducted through these models. By clustering analysis of SPSS, 13 towns are classified into 4 groups, and key protected land regions and priority settlement land regions are rowed up, and each group will have its own development orientation.

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    Research Progress on the Breeding and Application of Sex Control in Snakehead
    Mi OU, Jian ZHAO, Qing LUO, Haiyang LIU, Rong HUANG, Yaping WANG, Kunci CHEN
    Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology    2022, 24 (2): 11-25.   DOI: 10.13304/j.nykjdb.2021.0578
    Abstract1307)   HTML4)    PDF (3086KB)(131)       Save

    Snakehead(Channa)is an important freshwater fish in China,which has obvious sexual dimorphism,with fast growth rate,large size and low feed coefficient ratio in male individuals.Therefore,monosex culture of all-male production is of great economic significance.In this review,the breeding and application of sex control in all-male hybrid snakehead were described.Super-male blotched snakehead(Channa maculata)was produced by sex-specific molecular marker and reproductive endocrine regulation technology,the female parent northern snakehead(Channa argus)was selected for two generations,then “all-male hybrid No.1”(C. argus ♀XX × C. maculata ♂YY)were produced by combining sex control,population selection and hybridization of super-male C. maculata and the selected female C. argus. Growth performance indicated that “all-male hybrid No.1” had high male rate,rapid growth,uniform size,low feed coefficient ratio and wide breeding adaptability.The research on sex control in Channa not only promoted the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of snakehead,but also provided theoretical and technical support for sex control of other fish,which could accelerate the breeding process of monosex culture.

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    Research Progress on Gene Cloning of Growth, Development |and Yield in Rice (Oryza sativa L. )
    ZHANG Zhi-guo, ZHENG Xia, LU Tie-gang
       2008, 10 (6): 1-8.  
    Abstract1303)      PDF (610KB)(1624)       Save

    The world is facing dual pressures from population explosion and lack of resources. It's urgent to increase food production through improvement of crop varieties. Rice is one of the most important staple crops with a small genome. Being model plant for grass crop, it has high level of collinearity with other cereal crops in genes. Many functional genes have been cloned in rice that involved in important growth and development process, including plant height, tiller, florescence, fertility, yield, rice quality and stress tolerance etc. The progress on cloning of genes controlling growth, development and yield in rice could improve the understanding of molecular basis of rice develop- ment and rice production, and provide basis for molecular breeding of rice varieties by using these genes.

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    Studies and Manufacture of Biochemically-Humic Acid Fertilizer
    Ye Shuiying Yu Xiaonan Zhao Yujuan Yu Jianguo Sun Yingchang Wang Tiezhang
       1999, 1 (2): 76-77.  
    Abstract1301)      PDF (751KB)(1261)       Save

    Biochemically-humic acid fertilizer has been manufactured from natural organic marenals throughtwo biological fermentations.It is extensively used in agriculture, forest, animal husbandry, etc.It is an ef-fective fertilizer, producing green foods and improving the soil.


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    Studies on Precipitation Conditions of Phytase Protein from Transgenic Corn
    YAN Guang-wei, CHEN Ru-mei, SHI Peng-jun, et al.
       2009, 11 (4): 118-122.  
    Abstract1288)      PDF (557KB)(1251)       Save

    In order to carry out further studies on enzymology properties of phytase protein expressed in transgenic corn seeds, we studied the relations between solubility of phytase and total protein and the saturation of ammonium sulfate with crude phytase extracted from transgenic corn seeds as material. The results showed that in the saturation range 0~60% of ammonium sulfate, the precipitated phytase only accounted for 1.85% of the total phytase in initial extraction, while the precipitated protein in the same saturation range accounted for 57% of the total protein in initial extraction. The specific activity of phytase was 0.44 U/mg. In the saturation ranging from 60%~80% of ammonium sulfate, the precipitated phytase and total protein accounted for 58% and 10% of the total in initial extraction, respectively. And the specific activity of phytase was 84.4 U/mg. In the saturation ranging from 80%~100% of ammonium sulfate, the yield of precipitated phytase accounted for 1.9% of the initial extraction. Therefore, the saturation ranging from 60%~80% of ammonium sulfate was set as the optimal condition to precipitate phytase. The specific activity of phytase obtained under this condition was 6.1 times higher than the crude extraction (13.8 U/mg).

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    Research Progress and Prospect on Alternative Irrigation Technology of Divided Root
    CHAI Qiang
       2010, 12 (1): 46-51.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1008-0864.2010.
    Abstract1286)      PDF (623KB)(983)       Save

    This paper expounds the alternative irrigation technology about its emerging background, operation modes, application efficiency and water-saving mechanism, and prospects the key research fields of this technology in the future. Alternative irrigation technology can significantly increase the water use efficiency (WUE) of crops, improve the quality of products, create a special root system favorable for improving crop WUE, and remarkably reduce evaporation speed under minor decrease of photosynthesis speed. This technology can also optimize the biochemical adjusting organism to drought resistance and improve WUE, and is favorable for improving moisture compensation and nutrients utilization efficiency, and decrease useless evaporation and leakage. The main research orientation in the future will include the adjusting role and mechanism of alternative irrigation to crop procreating process, the  integrated application and mechanism of this technology in intercropping and high density planting.

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    Research Status and Prospect of e-type Hybrid Rice
    ZHANG Hong-lin, LIU Hai-ping, LIU Yue-qing, ZHANG Rui-xiang, ZHONG Xiao-ying
       2009, 11 (4): 10-15.  
    Abstract1283)      PDF (494KB)(953)       Save

    E-type hybrid rice is the abbreviation for tall-stalk and recessive hybrid rice. For the past over twenty years, agricultural scientists all over the world have shown great concern and committed themselves to research works on discovering, studying and utilization of tall-stalk and recessive rice gene. This paper summarized the research progresses made in recent years and also outlined the prospect.

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    Detection and Analysis of Antibiotic Residues in Milk
    HE Ji-jun1, WANG Biao2
       2009, 11 (S1): 59-61.  
    Abstract1278)      PDF (247KB)(894)       Save

    Antibiotic could destory bacteria balance of body. Some antibiotic even made people allergy to lead to high fever or anaphylatic shock. So more and more attention has been paied on  antibiotic residues in milk. This study filtersd by ELISA, quantitatively detect by HPLC and analysed current situation, orign, harm of antibiotic residues in milk.

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    Research Progress on Metabolic Engineering of Escherichia coli Strains for Ethanol Production
    HONG Hao-zhou, MA Rui-qiang, ZHANG Ying, LU Wei, ZHANG Wei, CHEN Ming
       2009, 11 (4): 29-33.  
    Abstract1266)      PDF (507KB)(962)       Save

    Production of bio-ethanol from low cost cellulosic materials by microbes has been paid more attention. Recent research has focused on metabolic engineering and improvement of strains for high ethanol production. Here we presented a brief summary of the research progress made in recombinant Escherichia coli strains for ethanol production. The studies on metabolic engineering improvement taking E. coli as a model strain will provide techniques and reference for the new ethanologenic recombinant strains.

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    Review on Maize Heterosis Utilization of China and Prospect of Improved Hereditary Traits for Future Breeding
       2009, 11 (S2): 1-6.  
    Abstract1264)      PDF (625KB)(824)       Save

    The paper reviewed the course of the enlighten and initiate stage (1926-1948) for the investigation of heterosis utilization in maize(Zea mays L.), and the development course of crosses between cultivar, double, three-way and single cross after the found of the Peoples Republic of China since 1949. The paper point out the distinguishing feature and obvious advantages of the development for hybrid maize investigation in our country. The success of some main force inbred lines that bred by integrated method and technology during this time will draw great inspiration effects from their experiences to future breeding. The improved hereditary traits, breeding objectives, breeding ideas for future breeding and the question of heterosis definition were discussed and prospected. It is demended in future breeding that raising the density-tolerant cultivar, single-plant heterosis under less density, no stress and resistance to bioltic and abioltic adverse circumstances in a mode rate degree, and some physiological characters of photosynthesis function etc.

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    Determination of Trace Selenium in Feed Using Platform Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Linking Microwave Digestion
    SHANG Jun|PAN Juan|WU Jian-ping
       2008, 10 (S2): 10-14.  
    Abstract1263)      PDF (258KB)(1049)       Save

    Conditions of platform graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry linking microwave digestion were determined by optimizing solvent and conditons of microwave digestion.The results showed that HNO3+HClO4+H2O2 was the best solvent of microwave digestion.The solvent could eliminate the effect of matrix in presence of matrix modifier Mg(NO3)2 and Pd(NO3)2.The concentration of selenium and peak area was linear correlation between 5~100 ng/mL(r=0.999
    2).Detection limit was 0.53 ng/mL,and the reclaim ratio w...

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    The Analysis of the Environment Capacity List Price Within Circular Economy
    HUANG Li-hong, CHEN Ting, LIN Wen-xiong
       2006, 8 (3): 53-56.  
    Abstract1258)      PDF (226KB)(845)       Save

    The sustainable development is the mankind's consensus in future development, and circular economy is scientific approach of resources saving and environmental pollution reducing. But currently, the research and practicing of circular economy is just a technical improvement of the circulation and the craft of the materials, neglecting the economic environment and each economic behavior corpus in financing flow, without reasonable evaluation on the environment capacity value. In this text, applying the economics supply principle, the environment capacity list price was analyzed in developing circular economy process, and sound market mechanism and the government behavior are put forward to guarantee the reasonable list price realization of the environment capacity.

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    Research Progress on Nutritional and Health-care Functions and Molecular Mechanism of Royal Jelly
    SHEN Li-rong, ZHANG Li-wen, DING Mei-hui, et al.
       2009, 11 (4): 41-47.  
    Abstract1251)      PDF (691KB)(1294)       Save

    Royal jelly, an important honeybee product, is not only nutritional food regulating the development and case differentiation of honeybee, but also a health-care product with very effective activities for animal and human health. This paper introduces the active components, total composition and nutritional and healthy functions of main active components, such as 10-hydroxy-2-decanoic acid, proteins and peptides of royal jelly. It also introduces the research progress made in molecular mechanism related to lifespan and fertility. According to the internal and external new research trends, it puts forward related suggestions as paying attention to basic research on royal jelly, developing deep process and biological engineering industry of royal jelly.

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    Accelerate the Research and Application of Biological Breeding to Promote the Self-Reliance of Agricultural Science and Technology
    Wen ZHANG
    Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology    2022, 24 (12): 8-14.   DOI: 10.13304/j.nykjdb.2022.0733
    Abstract1244)   HTML12)    PDF (491KB)(106)       Save

    Food security is the the pillar of national development and safety. General Secretary XI Jinping pointed that the fundamental solution to stabilize and increase the food production lay in the scientific and technological progress concerning the limited arable land in domestic. At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution in agriculture characterized by modern biotechnology is breeding major breakthroughs, and plays a leading role in the development of modern agriculture. The development of biological breeding is an important strategy to ensure the national food security and enhance the international competitiveness. This paper introduced the development trend of biological breeding in the development of international agricultural science and technology. For promoting the industrial application of biological breeding, 4 of relationships should be correctly handled, and 4 tasks should be put forward, which provided theoretical guidance for accelerating the development and application of biological breeding technologies in China.

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       2001, 3 (6): 25-29.  
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    Studies on Structure and Function of Repressors with EAR Motif
    ZHANG Jian-fei, QUAN Rui-dang, HUANG Rong-feng
       2011, 13 (4): 53-57.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1008-0864.2011.04.08
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    Ethylene-responsive element binding factor-associated amphiphilic repression (EAR) motif exists in transcription factor families, such as ERF, C2H2 and AUX/IAA. The EAR motif contains two distinct conservation patterns: L/FDLNL/F(x)P and LxLxL. Through negatively regulating expression of genes involved in development, abiotic and biotic stress responses, plants can keep suitable physiological states under different environmental conditions. This review discusses the evolutionary significance of EAR motif and its patterns, the progress on gene regulation mechanisms and function studies. In addition, combing with our work in laboratory, prospective trends of EAR-related research are predicted.

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       2004, 6 (2): 30-34.  
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    Research Progress on Two Component System of Bacteria
    HAO Yan-hua, ZHANG Wei, CHEN Ming
       2012, 14 (2): 67-72.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1008-0864.2012.02.11
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    Bacteria needs complex and accurate signal transduction system to adapt to the changes in cellular and environment. Two component systems are abundant in prokaryotes, which consist of a histidine kinase (HK) and a response regulator (RR). They regulate cellular signal transduction pathway, according to phosphorylation and dephosphorylation. This review mainly introduces the progress made in structure, mechanism and function research, and explores the role of two component systems in cell signal transduction.

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    Principle and Technology of Water-saving, Fertilizer-saving, |High-yielding and Simple Cultivation in Winter Wheat
    WANG Zhi-min, WANG Pu, LI Xu-hou, LI Jian-min, LU Lai-qing
       2006, 8 (5): 38-44.  
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    Increasing grain yield and improving water-fertilizer use efficiency simultaneously are very important for sustainable development of winter wheat production in Northern China. At Cangzhou Prefecture of Hebei Province, a shortest area of water resource in Northern China , through researches for many years, the cultivating system of water-saving, fertilizer-saving, high-yielding and simple management were developed in winter wheat, which combined high grain yield with high water-fertilizer use efficiency. In this paper, we reviewed main principles and key techniques of the cultivating system.

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       2004, 6 (4): 54-61.  
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